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The concept

Desrêves (means Dreams in French) will help you improve your ability to remember your dreams and let you share them with your friends.

Explore your friends' dreams and those from people around the world.

Thousands of unconscious crystal clear memories, shared in the heat of the moment just after your awakening

Choose a specific category and see if @Janedoe from #Tokyo had the same dream as you !

Desrêves draws the links between the colors living in our unconscious mind and the emotions growing up from our dreams...

2 hours

The average person dreams about 2 hours per night.

4 to 6 dreams

The average person has 4 to 6 dreams per night.

6 years

The average person will consequently spend about 6 years dreaming in a lifetime.

"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams." __Arthur O'Shaughnessy
A unique social network


You can follow dreamers around you, your friends and see your own dreams.

Write a dream

Update your dream journal every morning before they fade away. Edit them at anytime if you remember any details.

Record your dreams

Desrêves can record your dream as soon as you wake up to make sure you won't forget anything. And it's much more lively!

Build your own dreamer network

Add your friends and relatives and share a great moment with your dreams.

Share your dreams

Like and share your dreams with even more friends on other social networks.

Understand your dreams

Learn how to improve you sleep and dreams with our tips.

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Desrêves' architects



Regularly dream of a wheel boat and a waterfall.


Director of waking dreams.

Also dreams asleep, of sunny beaches.



Dreams of style and ergonomic interface.


Nocturnal developper.

Dreams to dream at night.


Artist code.

Whishes his dreams could become tattoos.